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Post Mar 04, 2015 22:07
Here it is, Grid Cartographer v3.0 is now available!


Main highlights of this third major release:


* Completely rewritten Mark Tool and new Paint Selection tool. Add and remove multiple areas to make complex selections. Watch this animation for more info.

* More Colours and Coloured Labels

* Constrained Drawing on square grids by holding down the <shift> key.

* Optional "Ground Floor"


Full Change Log:

* ADDED: Hexagons!
* ADDED: Ground floor is now optional when creating a new map or adding a new region.
* ADDED: Axis constrained drawing. Hold <shift> after a wall click to lock drawing to one direction. Square grids only.
* ADDED: Multiple area selections. Hold <shift> to append selection areas and <alt> to remove from selected area.
* ADDED: Quick erase with the right mouse button. Enable this option in Options > Input > Right Mouse Button
* ADDED: Cursor highlight for eraser tool to clearly display its coverage.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts for message boxes. <Y> for Yes, <N> for No, <ESC> for Cancel, <ENTER> for OK.
* ADDED: New look sliding message when changing floor or region.
* ADDED: Show grid type for each entry on the region setup screen using different icons behind the floor count.

* PRO: Paint selection tool (Alt-M). Drag to paint a selected area tile by tile. <alt>-drag to remove a tile.
* PRO: 16 colours!
* PRO: Coloured labels. Use the palette before or during editing to change the text colour.

* CHANGED: Reorganised File menu page. New 'About' page for version information and helpful links.
* CHANGED: Per-region grid setup. Setups can be copied and pasted to other regions.
* CHANGED: Raised custom tile limits to 65,000 for both colour and monochrome categories.
* CHANGED: Menu page tabs now go into 'small height mode' only when necessary.
* CHANGED: Updated UI rendering code for a subtely crisper display.
* CHANGED: Area marquee selections are now stored independently on a per-region basis and persist when you change region.
* CHANGED: Press <ESC> on any of the full-page menus to return back to the "G" tab.
* CHANGED: Mark > Clear Area will only clear notes if they are visible.

* FIXED: Don't scale axis values if we're only labelling major tiles.
* FIXED: Possible crash on application exit.
* FIXED: Upgrade to libpng v1.6.16 for latest stability fixes (except Linux which uses system library).
* FIXED: Redo crash if clearing an empty marked area or just notes.
* FIXED: Potentially incorrect undo after erasing walls.
* FIXED: Note mark placement in 70px image export.
* FIXED: The palette and brush overlay now display "default" colour correctly when either of the block brushes are selected.


* NOTE: the Android release will be delivered at a later date. This is due to incompatibility with Android 5 "Lollipop".
Post Mar 05, 2015 19:42
Sadly, there is already a bug I found. When I upload custom tiles and overpass the old limit it doesn't show the new custom tile but an old one far above in the list.
Like this. The red marked one in the right is selected, but the one in the field is appearing instead.
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Post Mar 05, 2015 21:39
Hi Gotaku, thanks for reporting this bug.

I've fixed it and uploaded a beta (build 1567) below:


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Post Mar 05, 2015 21:45
It works now, thanks!
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Post Mar 07, 2015 16:15
If there's anyone having tried this on a Mac and got a crash in the file open/save dialogs, please take a look at v3.0.0c as I think I've fixed it.

Seems to only affect Macs that aren't a mac mini which is a bit of a pain but hey, that's half the fun of software development. Anyway, download link is here:

v3.0.0c (Mac OSX)