Announcements of New Releases
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Post Mar 20, 2015 19:30
After a busy couple of weeks the massive, free v3.0.1 update is now ready. It adds a LOT of new stuff, so let me summarise the key points in this list:
  • 24 New floor markers
  • Wall mounted buttons
  • Half wall and half-door frames
  • Terrain Wand tool for fast selection of contiguous terrain
  • 'Dungeon Master Tools' to create party-facing image exports with all the treasure and traps hidden from view.
  • Keyboard Remapping
  • "Field Effect" overlays to mark out special regions (e.g. Anti-magic or HP drain)
  • Streamlined wall and door modes
  • Several new fixes, tweaks and shortcuts

Full Change Log:

* PRO: Filter tab for image publishing. Includes 'Dungeon Master Tools' to conceal things from your players.
* PRO: Added new "Field Effects" to tint tiles with Red, Green and/or Blue overlays. Use this to mark special zones like "HP Drain" or "Anti-Magic" or make up new meanings.
* PRO: Added "Covered Pit" marker.
* PRO: Added "Trapped Pit" for trapped pits. i.e. filled with spikes rather than just being a hole in the ground.
* PRO: Added "Barrel" marker.
* PRO: Added "Map" item marker.
* PRO: Added "Purse" marker.
* PRO: Added "Sack" marker.
* PRO: Added "Well" marker.
* PRO: Added a new category of simple geometric shapes.
* PRO: Added a new arrows category.
* PRO: Added precious jewels to a new Gems/Treasure category.
* PRO: Added half wall and half door edge styles.
* PRO: Option to disable drop shadows on custom tiles when publishing an image.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcut editor. See the 'Key Mapping' tab on the Options > Input screen.
* ADDED: Option to show/hide the layers panel on the brush palette ( Options > Interface > Layers Panel )
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts for transform > flip h/v. Ctrl+ (Cmd+ on Mac OSX) Up/Down respectively.
* ADDED: Shortcut to create a new square region ( Ctrl+Shift+N )
* ADDED: Page up/down keys scroll the full screen menu pages.
* CHANGED: Streamlined Wall and Door modes into a single Edge mode.
* CHANGED: Adding a new region uses the grid setup of the current region instead of the default setup.
* CHANGED: Swapped the Publish Image and Export Data buttons around on the File menu.
* CHANGED: Made disabled pro edition features visible in the free edition.
* CHANGED: Restored 'Monster' shortcut back to ALT+M
* CHANGED: Paint Selection Tool now mapped to SHIFT+M
* CHANGED: Rearranged some of the markers and categories on the brush palette.
* FIXED: Darkness overlay not being pasted or moved.
* FIXED: Move and Paste tools affecting each others drag position.
* FIXED: Double-clicking on a word in a text edit box (e.g. rename region) not always registering correctly.
* FIXED: Glitching when clicking on the text labels below the three grid shape buttons.
* FIXED: XML export ignoring rows that only contained the 'darkness' effect.
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Post Mar 22, 2015 19:08
Android Beta
v3.0.1 also sees the first Android release for v3. I've marked this as beta because although it should work just as well as v2 did on tablets, with the release of Android 5 there are likely to be compatibility issues since I don't yet have a device to test it on.

If you have a device which causes problems please let me know. Known trouble areas are the 'android-ey' bits like the file selectors and the note editing box.