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Post Apr 07, 2015 11:19
Here's another huge update to Grid Cartographer. Highlights include:

* Avatar Marker A representation of the player / party on the map that you can move and turn around with the cursor keys (or hold ALT to strafe). Use the new move tool on the nav toolbar (left side) to place it on a tile. Toggle on/off with the new button on the View toolbar, or F9.

* 3D View Immerse yourself in the map from a first person perspective with the new 3D mode. Use the new 3D ribbon tab to select split screen, picture in picture (press again to cycle through positions) or full-screen views. Click (or tap) on the viewport to move around. Toggle x-ray vision, smooth movement and wall collisions with options on the 3D toolbar.

* Plus more fixes, tweaks and features, see below!



Full Change Log:

* ATTENTION!! Maps saved by this version will not open in older versions. All your old maps should work correctly.

* PRO: 3D view!
* PRO: Avatar Marker. An on-screen cursor to help orient yourself while mapping. Use movement keys to navigate.
* PRO: Avatar Move Tool. Activate this tool from the navigation toolbar (left side) or by pressing ALT+H.
* PRO: Added ramp up/down markers.
* ADDED: Mouse wheel scrolling. Select with Options > Input > Wheel > Scroll View. Hold CTRL to scroll horizontally.
* ADDED: Little 'roll-up' buttons on the Brush Palette to collapse/expand sections.
* ADDED: 'Recent Brushes' category to the brush palette. Shows the last 5 things we've selected (directly).
* ADDED: Support for loading grey and grey-alpha channel .PNG images as colour custom tiles.
* ADDED: Grid setup option to label every positive major tile with a row/column of axis values (square grids only).
* CHANGED: Square grids with a limited area of major tiles have axis values drawn all around the outside.
* FIXED: Pencil next to the palette dims with the rest of the colours.
* FIXED: When publishing an image in the Parchment theme parts of the background are no longer a solid brown colour.
* FIXED: Incorrect image when importing a 2 channel (Grey-Alpha) .PNG file as a custom tile.
* FIXED: Allow drawing block edges when the 'marker' layer is hidden.
* FIXED: Parchment background not displaying correctly when scrolling too far at certain zoom levels.


* CHANGED: Attempt to use either 4x or 2x MSAA anti-aliasing for 3D viewport (if available).


* ADDED: Support for track-pad scrolling using two-finger gestures (when mouse wheel scrolling is enabled, see above).