Announcements of New Releases
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Post May 01, 2015 21:31
v3.0.3 build 1885 is now available!

Here are the highlights:

* Walled Terrain - every terrain tile now has an alternate version that draws auto-walls like the default block tile.
* Semi-transparent mode for terrain layer - click the eyeball to cycle to it.
* Many new markers: New arrows, stone, pressure plate + stone, boulder
* New/improved terrain: New water (animated), trees, corridor, metal plate
* Export maps as .OBJ meshes for game development usage.
* Edit > 'Select All' command


Full Change Log:

* PRO: Walled Terrain. All existing terrain types now have a 'walled' counterpart that has automatic walls just like the default 'block' tile.
* PRO: Export map floors as Wavefront .OBJ meshes for game development / visualisation usage.
* PRO: Added new 'Stone' marker. A loose stone you might pick up for later.
* PRO: Added new 'Pressure Plate + Stone' marker. Stones are often used to hold down pressure plates.
* PRO: Added new 'Boulder' marker.
* PRO: Added new metal flooring terrain type. For military installations, research labs, etc.
* PRO: Added new 'Trees' terrain type.
* PRO: Added, up+down, left+right and 45 degree angled arrow markers.
* ADDED: New 'Corridor' ground / terrain type. It's like the block tool but without the ground shading.
* ADDED: Use Home / End keys to jump to the top / bottom of UI pages.
* ADDED: Center on Avatar Marker command on the View tab.
* ADDED: Edit > "Mark All" button to select the whole floor (Default shortcut Ctrl+A).
* ADDED: Export .OBJ option to adjust mesh position to match the height of the floor above ground.
* ADDED: Semi-transparent display mode for terrain. Click the eye icon on the layer panel to cycle off / on / semi-transparent.
* CHANGED: Improved visibility of 3D view markers in the 'White on Black' theme.
* CHANGED: Replaced the 'water' texture with one more suitable for dungeons. Also it's now animated.
* CHANGED: The 'block' tile is no longer classed as solid to the avatar / 3D view. It's auto-walls remain solid.
* CHANGED: Reworked the 'Vegetation' terrain texture.
* CHANGED: Moved the 'Zap!' brush into the environment category.
* CHANGED: Added new 'items' group in the brush panel. Moved 'Map' and 'Key' markers into it.
* CHANGED: Reduced the opacity of the darkness and field effects overlays on the parchment theme.
* FIXED: Don't use large texture co-ordinate values for hex terrain tiles, keep them around the -1 to +1 range.
* FIXED: Minor tiling issues on some terrain textures.
* FIXED: Prevent Undo and Redo keyboard shortcuts from working during paste or note editing (to match the toolbar behavior).
* FIXED: Auto-scroll the map view when moving the avatar marker around, even if the 3D view is disabled.
* FIXED: Doc no longer shot in the back over a matter of 80 dollars.
* FIXED: Hiding the terrain layer no longer hides the auto-walls made by blocks / terrain.