Announcements of New Releases
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Post May 18, 2015 22:48
v3.0.4 is another massive new update. Highlights include:
  • New Brushes Torches, wall levers, bars. Snow terrain and a tree marker.
  • Switch Tool to toggle certain map elements on or off.
    (Light / extinguish torches, flip levers, etc.)
  • Bulldozer Mode for rapid block painting.
  • New Game Link feature.
    See below and check out the new sub-forum for more details.
  • Loads of fixes.


Full Change Log:

* PRO: "Lever" edge style (square grids only)
* PRO: "Bars" edge style (square grids only)
* PRO: Lit/unlit "Torch" edge style (square grids only). Extinguish/re-light with the new switch tool.
* PRO: Snow Terrain
* PRO: Tree Marker
* PRO: Bulldozer Mode. Enable using option on main 'G' toolbar to automatically draw block terrain under the Avatar Marker as it moves around.
* PRO: Game Link protocol. Control the avatar marker remotely. Game support is limited at the moment - check the forum!
* ADDED: New "Switch Tool" to toggle the state of some edge styles and markers. Currently only torch edge and switch marker are supported.
* ADDED: Setup > "Current Region" page
* ADDED: Toggle the ground floor on/off for the current region on the 'Current Region' setup page.
* CHANGED: The 'Switch' marker is now part of the free edition.
* CHANGED: Refreshed default keyboard shortcuts.
* CHANGED: Brush overlay now places color and monochrome custom tiles in two columns.
* CHANGED: Default major grid size is 20x20 to match more games.
* FIXED: Inside and Outside terrain (both open and walled) were incorrectly locked out of the free edition.
* FIXED: Nudge Floor Above/Below issues when there is no ground floor.
* FIXED: Better performance when using hundreds of custom tiles.
* FIXED: Improved monochrome custom tile rendering performance.
* FIXED: Crash when selecting hundreds of images for custom tile import.
* FIXED: Texture clamping now enabled on 3D view wall/door decals. Fixes glitching above new torch edge styles.
* FIXED: Bad graphics when publishing an image with the new corridor terrain tile.
* FIXED: Incorrect auto-wall thickness in published images at the 70px size.
* FIXED: Move Avatar tool was available on hex grid maps.
* FIXED: Crash bug in undo system after automatic counter-travel painting downwards (stairs down, etc.)
* FIXED: "Pressure plate + Stone" marker was missing from the brush overlay.
* FIXED: Note editing interface. When keyboard access mode was active the delete/re-edit buttons had incorrect hit-boxes.


* ADDED: Import custom tiles now supports multiple selections.
* FIXED: Incorrect working directory was misfiring the 'Missing Data Files' error.