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Post May 28, 2015 20:02
Here's v3.0.5! Highlights in this update are:

* Rewritten Eraser Tool with new interface panel to fine tune what is affected.
* Split the edge styles into their own brush palette tab.
* Added many new markers and edge styles:
(torch pair, gate, bed, bones, health/healer, movable block, shop, skull, tavern, trainer)
* On-screen navigation buttons and compass HUD for 3D view.
* Fixed lots of bugs and improved touch screen support.
* Latest game link profiles including preliminary Dragon Wars support.


(small print: I drew the map myself!)

Full Change Log:

* PRO: New edge styles: "Gate" and "Torch Pair" (square grids only)
* PRO: New markers: "Bed", "Bones", "Health / Healer", "Moveable Block", "Shop", "Skull", "Tavern", "Trainer"
* ADDED: New 'Edge' tab for all the edge modes and styles.
* ADDED: Tool options for Eraser. Fine tune what is actually erased.
* ADDED: On-screen navigation controls for 3D view. Change the layout on the Options > Interface menu.
* ADDED: Avatar position and compass HUD on 3D view.
* ADDED: File > Start > Exit
* ADDED: Recent list for the custom tiles tab.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the 3Ds view outline.
* CHANGED: Subtely tweaked naming of up + down; left + right arrows.
* CHANGED: Bars in 3D view now use the same colour as the gate edge bars.
* CHANGED: OBJ export material name for wall buttons is now just "gc_edge_btn_lu" or "gc_edge_btn_rd"
* FIXED: Crash in game link profile loader when missing out xpos or ypos elements from a <packetview>.
* FIXED: Incorrect X/Y position shown on status bar if the 'label major tiles only' grid option is enabled.
* FIXED: Missing text on key remapping page.
* FIXED: Incorrect material names in OBJ export for levers and torches.
* FIXED: "Add custom tile" buttons appearing on the recent brushes list.
* FIXED: Potentially incorrect brush palette scrolling when changing tabs.

Mac OSX / Linux

* ADDED: Multiple custom tiles can be imported at one time.


* FIXED: Removed incompatible interface option for 'toggled brush overlay'.
* FIXED: Brush palette dragging causing unintended selections. A deliberate tap is now required. Long press for tool-tip.
* FIXED: Improved touch behaviour of the brush overlay.
* FIXED: Incorrectly sized tooltips.