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Post Jun 12, 2015 07:24
v3.0.6 is now available. This is a relatively small release but it makes an important change to the auto-wall behaviour that I didn't want to hide away within a larger update.


Auto-wall Changes:

Auto walls are generated by the standard 'block' tile as well as the 'walled' terrain brushes and the corridor brush. In past versions the auto-wall behaviour was to not draw a wall when an auto-wall and a 'simple block' were adjacent. This was changed in v3.0 to draw a wall next to any non-auto wall terrain. However this doesn't work well in practice (as you can't remove auto-walls, only replace them) - so I've reverted back to the old method and expanded it so that any auto-wall tile will only draw a wall next to a tile with no terrain in it at all (which covers the simple block and all of the 'open' terrain category, as well as custom terrain tiles).

In addition, the corridor tile has been changed to work better too. It follows a rule of drawing a wall at any boundary that isn't into another corridor tile. This lets you wrap a corridor tightly around a block or walled terrain 'room'.

Full Change Log:

* PRO: New markers: "Boat", "Bridge"
* ADDED: Small icons for each custom tile to show whether they're set to draw on the marker or terrain layer.
* ADDED: Rollup buttons for the custom tile types.
* CHANGED: Rules for auto-walls changed to be more flexible when adjacent to non-walled terrain.
* CHANGED: Improved wand tool. It now looks at the marker layer if a tile has no terrain.
* CHANGED: Restored the region list on the setup tab during game link.
* FIXED: The wand tool now distinguishes between different custom tiles on the terrain layer.
* FIXED: State of rollup button for recent tiles is no longer shared between brushes and custom tiles tabs.
* FIXED: Tiling issues on sand terrain texture.


* FIXED: Attempt to find missing data files by looking in the registry for the install path.