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Post Aug 07, 2015 21:44
v3.0.7 is now available. Changes include multi-line labels, an input quick-reference PDF, lots of fixes and several new markers and terrain types.


Full Change Log:

* PRO: New markers: "Armor", "Grave", "Pillar", "Signpost", "Statue"
* PRO: New terrain: "Mountain", "Track"
* ADDED: Input quick reference PDF document listing keyboard shortcuts. See the Documents folder.
* ADDED: Toolbar controls for note edit mode accept and cancel.
* ADDED: 'Double sided edge polygons' option for .OBJ export. Creates polygons on both sides of an edge.
* ADDED: Sort regions by name option on Setup > Regions page.
* ADDED: Rename option on Regions page as a convenience. It functions identically to the button on the Current Region page.
* CHANGED: Labels now support multiple lines.
* CHANGED: Reduced the opacity of the darkness/fields overlay.
* CHANGED: Default note newline mode is Enter (with Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter to accept). This will only affect fresh installs and can be swapped as before.
* CHANGED: Repositioned the arrow markers on the brush overlay.
* CHANGED: Redrawn the left/center/right label align toolbar icons
* FIXED: Zooming in/out using the navigation toolbar buttons now no longer cancels note editing.
* FIXED: Issue when selecting labels on hex grids.
* FIXED: Rewritten 'Wand' tool internals to fix a potential crash with a very large selected area.
* FIXED: Double-clicking a word on a multi-line text box now stops correctly at line breaks.


* FIXED: Windows message pump filtering causing problems with input language switching.
* FIXED: Ensure the application window doesn't open outside of the area of the currently connected monitors.


* FIXED: Replaced uses of the <Alt> key on screen with <Opt> to represent the 'Option' key. The functionality hasn't changed, it's just presented on screen in a Mac friendly way.
* FIXED: Incorrect use of <Ctrl> on the note accept setup on the Options screen.


* FIXED: License key entry is no longer case sensitive.
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Post Aug 10, 2015 06:57
The Android build has been updated to v3.0.7a which includes the following important fixes:

* FIXED: Crash bug reported on Android 5.
* FIXED: Possible corruption of map file name or path when resuming the app.
* CHANGED: Minimum API level to 15. This raises the actual minimum system requirement to Android 4.0.3 or above, as stated on the website.
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Post Aug 14, 2015 11:39
The Android build has been updated to v3.0.7c. The following changes have been made since v3.0.7a

* ADDED: Support for screen rotation.
* FIXED: Crash bug accessing text edit popups / file selectors after task switching (e.g. via the home button)
* CHANGED: File > About screen shows CPU build target. (Also added _arm7 suffix to APK file.)

This is a recommended update for all Android users.
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