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Post Sep 04, 2015 16:32
Yet another huge update: v3.0.8 is now available! Major changes include:
  • New 'Picker Tool'.
  • New markers ("Altar", "Boots", "Food" and "Weapons") and edge style ('Message Wall').
  • Drag&drop support for loading maps or adding custom tiles.
  • Improved map scrolling.
  • Additional 3D view layouts for reversed horizontal and vertical split.
  • Lots of bug fixes, including Windows tablet support.
  • Wizardry 6 game-link profile (preliminary, still in-development)

Wizardry 6 game-link profile instructions


Full Change Log:

* PRO: 'Picker Tool' - set brush state to match a selected point on the map. ( Shortcut: 'I' )
* PRO: New edge style: "Message Wall"
* PRO: New markers: "Altar", "Boots", "Food" and "Weapons"
* PRO: Select horizontal or vertical viewport split a second time to swap the map and 3D views around.
* ADDED: Drag&drop support. Import maps and custom tiles by dropping files onto the application window.
* ADDED: Momentum to scrolling on the map view and brush overlay.
* ADDED: Use a 'hand' shaped mouse cursor when scrolling the 2D view and brush overlay.
* ADDED: Ability to bind keyboard shortcuts to activate/deactivate game link.
* ADDED: Ability to bind keyboard shortcuts to export as XML and OBJ formats.
* ADDED: 'Export complete' message when exporting as .OBJ
* ADDED: Support for 'infinite' grids in Game Link profiles, for large open map games such as Wizardry 6 / 7.
* ADDED: Additional numpad controls for the Avatar marker to match many classic games.
* CHANGED: Redesigned the 3D tab.
* CHANGED: Moved the 'Regions' section of the input mapping page to the menu/toolbars section.
* FIXED: Prevent brush overlay scrolling when the mouse is outside of the viewport.
* FIXED: Reduced flickering on brush overlay tooltips when animation is disabled and the mouse is moved quickly.
* FIXED: Updated to libpng 1.6.18 (except on Linux which uses the system library)
* FIXED: Possible crash when undo-ing after a custom tile enters the recent list.
* FIXED: Wand tool now correctly stops on colour change.
* FIXED: Scrolling when following avatar or cursor could jump off the opposite edge of the view at high zoom levels or small window sizes.
* FIXED: Improved auto-scrolling in Game Link mode. Only scroll view when player position changes to allow for easier review of surrounding map area.
* FIXED: Custom tile rendering on hex maps.
* FIXED: Game Link overlay / 'position not available' message appearing in-front of the brush overlay.
* FIXED: Brush overlay toggle on G toolbar not working when access mode is enabled.
* FIXED: Issues when opening or reverting a file during a move or paste action.
* FIXED: Edge drawing not working on hex regions if a block edge mode was selected (while on a square grid)
* FIXED: Undoing a move tool action no longer requires two undo presses.


* FIXED: Improved tablet input on Windows 8 and above. Some minor issues remain and will be resolved in a future update.
* FIXED: Issues caused by changing desktop resolution - e.g. by rotating the display.

Mac OSX & Linux

* FIXED: Reduced CPU usage.


* FIXED: Possible crash bug when changing to other apps.
* FIXED: Scrolling the brush palette causing the brush overlay to move.
* FIXED: Mark tool.

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