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Post Oct 12, 2015 18:30
Grid Cartographer v3.0.9 is now available!
  • New! Game Link profile for "Eye of the Beholder"
  • New! Game Link profile for "Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures"
  • Extended! "Wizardry 6" profile now includes many more areas (thanks Luisfe and Tripicus)
  • Streamlined Automatically detect and load Game Link profiles.
  • New! Game Link icon in the bottom right of the interface. Hover over it for a tool tip.
  • New! Game Link options page with list of supported games.
  • And fixed lots of bugs.



Full Change Log:

* ADDED: "Eye of the Beholder" Game Link profile.
* ADDED: "Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures" Game Link profile.
* ADDED: More locations to "Wizardry 6" Game Link profile (Thanks Luisfe and Tripicus)
* ADDED: Automatic Game Link profile detection, replaces old system of manual loading.
* ADDED: Game Link status icon at the bottom right of the interface.
* ADDED: Numpad key mappings to allow keyboard mode to work correctly on hexagon maps.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts F5 / F6 to switch between map view and 3D split view.
* CHANGED: Moved "Game Link" settings to the Options menu.
* CHANGED: Disable colours panel during paste/move actions.
* CHANGED: Disable x-ray and stepped movement buttons when 3D mode is disabled.
* CHANGED: Improved field effects display in 3D mode. Darkness now fades view. Colour outline is more intense.
* CHANGED: The currently selected colour custom tile now has a prominent outline in the brush palette.
* CHANGED: When using the picker tool the brush palette now auto-scrolls to the selected brush / edge.
* CHANGED: Raised minimum window height to 480px
* CHANGED: Allow region order change / sorting while Game Link is active.
* CHANGED: Pressing strafe left/right key inputs while keyboard mode is active moves cursor left/right.
* CHANGED: When editing hex 'h'/'v' floors in keyboard mode, a left/right or up/down input now draws two walls/edges respectively. Use numpad controls to draw just one.
* CHANGED: Clearer error message when trying to draw onto a hidden layer.
* CHANGED: Tweaked 3D view perspective to show more of the edges directly to the left and right.
* CHANGED: Allow navigation (via UI buttons or keyboard shortcuts) within existing floors while Game Link is active.
* CHANGED: Extended Game Link <check> fields to allow for !=, <, <=, > and >= checks.
* CHANGED: Added Game Link support for pre-multiplied X/Y position used by 'Eye of the Beholder'
* CHANGED: Game Link can now accept dynamic region width/height and name changes.
* CHANGED: Game Link can now handle semi-dynamic region names by allowing checks against a prefix.
* CHANGED: Support for inherited packet views in Game Link profiles for a more concise format.
* CHANGED: Draw a corner pair of edges on square grids in keyboard mode using numpad 7, 9, 3, 1.
* FIXED: Correct 3D view button state in free edition.
* FIXED: Keyboard commands not working while the mouse was over a ribbon button or tab.
* FIXED: Picker tool now correctly activates the Edge tab in the brush palette when a tile edge is picked.
* FIXED: Glitch / possible crash when changing brushes.
* FIXED: Tool option panels move inward slightly when game link or keyboard edit mode outlines are visible.
* FIXED: Undo of walls drawn by keyboard edit mode.
* FIXED: Crash when deleting the last floor after disabling the ground floor.
* FIXED: Possible crash when moving a floor down when the ground floor is disabled.
* FIXED: Auto-cancel note / label editing if region changes during Game Link.
* FIXED: Labels not drawn during move tool or paste.
* FIXED: Notes not being displayed while dragging with the hand tool.
* FIXED: Brush overlay popping when space/RMB held down and brush palette clicked on.
* FIXED: Tooltips for scroll left/right on region bar would appear even if the buttons were not visible.
* FIXED: No longer able to use or activate keyboard editing mode while in maximized 3D view.
* FIXED: Center Floor in View not working for hexagon grids.
* FIXED: Bulldozer mode activating the 'changed file' flag even when walking over existing blocks.
* FIXED: Bulldozer mode not working when the terrain layer is hidden.


* FIXED: Unnecessary 'GetAddrInfoA' error message when running on a system with no networking.
* FIXED: Shift + NumPad key combinations not registering correctly as mappings while NumLock is enabled.


* ADDED: Window icon.


* ADDED: Restored support for high density displays. If auto detected default is incorrect or unsuitable use Options > Interface > "High Pixel Density Display" to toggle.

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