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Post Oct 31, 2015 17:03
Might and Magic focussed update v3.1.0 is now available. Added a M&M1 Game Link profile, improved the M&M2 profile and made improvements to axis labelling. (Lots added to the Wizardry 6 profile as well!)




If you have the beta profile package installed for early Might and Magic 1 support, please remove the file from your installation, this is no longer required and will prevent the full profile from working.

Full Change Log:

* ADDED: "Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum" Game Link profile (thanks butsam, Aterlom, Abelian, Natreg)
* ADDED: Grid setup option "natural rows". Use it for the 'Might and Magic' overworld labelling scheme. When enabled, rows of major tiles are numbered from one downwards. Only available on limited area grids with 'label major tiles only' enabled.
* ADDED: Display per-tile position and major tile position on the status bar when 'Label Major Tiles Only' grid setup option is enabled.
* ADDED: More locations to "Wizardry 6" Game Link profile (Thanks Luisfe and Tripicus)
* CHANGED: A limited area square grid will now draw a very faint grid outside of this area (in the editor only).
* CHANGED: Game link profiles are now sorted alphabetically.
* CHANGED: Restored Game Link 'debug hud' option (for profile creation or if you're curious)
* CHANGED: 'Might and Magic II' overworld map is now labelled correctly using A1 -> E4 from top-left. Existing maps must be manually tweaked in the grid setup menu (enable: 'label major groups', 'natural rows' and 'x axis letters').
* CHANGED: Cursor position on status bar no longer displays positions outside of a limited grid area.
* CHANGED: Internal improvements to support more complex / efficient Game Link profiles.
* CHANGED: Exporting as OBJ or XML now uses a better default filename.
* FIXED: Missing Game Link tooltip while playing 'Eye of the Beholder'.
* FIXED: Added final missing areas to the 'Might and Magic II' Game Link profile (thanks Aterlom)
* FIXED: 'Wizardry 6' Game Link profile had a bug in the height of one of the castle towers.


* FIXED: Application window could be made to start maximized on the wrong monitor.
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