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Post Dec 11, 2015 12:06
v3.1.1 is now available! It includes a completely overhauled Pool of Radiance Game Link profile as well as lots of fixes and tweaks. Oh and you can now create extra regions while playing a Game Link map.





The [netpeek] configuration for Pool of Radiance has changed. Click here for the updated settings.

Full Change Log:

* ADDED: Massive overhaul to the "Pool of Radiance" Game Link profile (Thanks mrkgnao for all the testing).
* ADDED: More areas to "Wizardry 6" Game Link profile (Thanks luisfe).
* ADDED: Detect and give a Game Link error status if the game id matches a known profile but the packet length or footer is invalid.
* ADDED: Recent edge styles list to the brush palette.
* ADDED: Copyright notices for 3rd party libraries used in the creation of this software. See File > About.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the 'tavern' beer mug icon to be a little smaller.
* CHANGED: Game Link now permits adding new regions while active and won't report a map with extraneous regions as invalid.
* CHANGED: Allow renaming and deleting regions that are not part of the active Game Link profile (i.e. user added).
* CHANGED: XML export of labels now omits the color attribute if default, attribute renamed as just "c".
* CHANGED: Improved the error message when Game Link fails to activate.
* CHANGED: View > "Center on Avatar" command now changes region/floor to find the avatar in Game Link mode.
* CHANGED: Loading of low BPP (1,2 or 4) colour PNG images is now supported.
* FIXED: Crash bug when reading maps saved by v2.0.6 beta2 - v2.0.6 beta5
* FIXED: Image publishing creating larger images than necessary when residual invisible state remained in border tiles.
* FIXED: Incorrect default file name when exporting XML data.
* FIXED: XML export of labels was missing the vertical alignment attribute.
* FIXED: Ribbon tabs were still responding to mouse input while typing a note/label.
* FIXED: Initial menu scrolling position on File > Unlock and File > About screens.
* FIXED: Position of the pasted area possibly appearing outside of the view area.


* FIXED: Display error presenting new or edited labels.
* FIXED: Inability to add or edit multi-line labels.
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