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Post Sep 27, 2016 18:14
Okay it's finally done!

A lot has changed since v3. Here's the full log for your enjoyment:


* ADDED: Palette editor (accessible from the Setup menu)
* ADDED: Floors can now be renamed from the Setup > Floors menu or the new Floor > Rename toolbar button. Leave blank to use default automatic naming.
* ADDED: 3D Engine settings are now available on the setup tab. Settings apply on a per-map basis to all regions.
* ADDED: Option to always show the 3D grid at ground level rather than at the current floor.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts for Floor rename (Ctrl/Cmd+F2).
* ADDED: Double click the floor number on the navigation toolbar to quickly rename the floor.
* ADDED: Faint display of lines outside of a limited area hexagon grid.
* ADDED: Include custom tile size in XML export.
* CHANGED: 3D Engine will now draw all floors by default. Disable this with Setup > 3D > "Draw Current Floor Only".
* CHANGED: Moved 3D 'X-ray' render control to Setup > 3D Engine menu.
* CHANGED: Moved stepped/smooth movement control to Setup > 3D Engine menu.
* CHANGED: 3D X-ray option now affects ground rendering.
* CHANGED: 3D block tiles now have outlined edges.
* CHANGED: 3D grid stays at ground floor level (unless 'Draw Current Floor Only' is enabled).
* CHANGED: Export to .OBJ now uses the "gc_ceil" material for ceiling and is independent of the floor type (if any).
* CHANGED: Avatar collision control moved to Setup > 3D Engine. It is disabled by default.
* CHANGED: Moved 3D controls radio button from Options > Interface to Setup > 3D Engine.
* CHANGED: XML export now stores custom tile names within CDATA tags.
* CHANGED: XML export now writes the full palette.
* CHANGED: 3D view camera now snaps to position when changing region, nudging u/d/l/r or reverting the file.
* FIXED: Removed ability to switch to hex regions and draw with unsupported brush modes / styles.


* ADDED: Game Link video streaming. Interact with compatible programs (e.g. DOSBox) from within Grid Cartographer, no need for ALT-TAB!
* ADDED: Automatic configuration of player auto-tracking when using Game Link video stream. You no longer need to edit .conf files.
* ADDED: Footstep marker layer. Automatic drawing of footsteps wherever the avatar marker moves to.
* ADDED: Per-tile 'Ceiling' state. Paint with the new "Ceiling" tool in the Brush > "Tile Effects" group in the brush palette.
* ADDED: Wall niche edge style (square grid maps only)
* ADDED: Keyhole wall edge style
* ADDED: Alternative 'hollow box' style door.
* ADDED: "Secret Door" edge style. A door with an 'S' icon in it.
* ADDED: New 'Secret' category on the brush palette 'edge' tab.
* ADDED: Quarter-circle corner tiles (found on the Edge tab of the brush palette).
* ADDED: Grid thickness control. Use the slider on the Setup > Grid page to adjust it.
* ADDED: Last brush colour setting is saved to the config and restored in the next session.
* ADDED: Some additional zoom steps before the furthest distance.
* ADDED: Toggle the custom tile layer overlay display with Options > Interface > "Custom Tile Layer Overlay". In a change from v3 it's now off by default.
* ADDED: Double click a tab on the region bar to rename it.
* ADDED: Moved automatic brushing options to new Options > Editor menu page.
* ADDED: Option to disable Auto-Tracking when using Game Link.
* ADDED: Note tool is also now available from the Label toolbar.
* ADDED: New Setup > "Display" menu with controls for theme selection, layer toggles and animation controls.
* ADDED: Selections made on the brush overlay now push items onto the brush palette recent lists.
* ADDED: Name entry when adding a new region.
* ADDED: Show width x height of the dragged area when using the mark tool.
* ADDED: Option to draw the grid on top of the terrain. It's enabled by default. See Setup > Grid to toggle it.
* ADDED: Exclusive field effects mode option (Options > Editor). If another field effect colour is found in a tile when drawing it is removed.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts for Region rename (F2).
* ADDED: Resizing bar to the brush & palette side panel.
* ADDED: Option to control smoothing of tiles (bilinear filtering) to either off, always or dynamically based on zoom (as in previous versions). You can find this in Setup > Display > Misc. Settings
* ADDED: Option to disable drop shadows for all tiles on the marker layer. See Setup > Display > Misc. Settings
* ADDED: Collapse/Expand button on the colour palette panel.
* CHANGED: Display options are now stored per-region like the grid settings.
* CHANGED: Extended palette to 256 colours.
* CHANGED: Tweaked interface and full-page menu style.
* CHANGED: Responsive layouts for many of the full-page menus.
* CHANGED: No longer disabled grid setup controls for major size & area limit during Game Link
* CHANGED: Removed map drawing from thin border between view edge and gamelink outline.
* CHANGED: Refreshed the parchment background texture.
* CHANGED: "Secret Wall" is now represented by an empty frame with an 'S' icon.
* CHANGED: Removed note export to TXT file functionality.
* CHANGED: Renamed Game Link > Network Control to make it clearer that this control only relates to the simpler (no video) UDP based Game Link v1.
* CHANGED: Game Link over UDP is no longer automatically enabled.
* CHANGED: Redesigned maximized view - it now fills the whole application window with the 3D Engine / Game Link View. Press ALT+ENTER to toggle.
* CHANGED: Removed picture-in-picture view.
* CHANGED: Moved software update settings to File > "Updates"
* CHANGED: View > "Center Floor" will center on (0,0) if major grid lines aren't enabled.
* CHANGED: Pasting/moving will no longer overwrite an edge with an empty edge.
* CHANGED: Moved the 'has a ground floor' option to the Setup > Regions page.
* CHANGED: Expanded automatic counterpart brushing options.
* CHANGED: Custom tile import and export now supports 8x8 and 16x16 pixel tiles (as well as the usual 32x32)
* CHANGED: Increased the number of recent slots in the brush palette - use the resizing bar to see more.
* CHANGED: Moved tool options for the Eraser and Picker under a new tab on the side panel called 'Tool Opts.'
* CHANGED: Stairs and ramps are now classed as terrain and can have markers placed on them.
* FIXED: Issues with keeping the avatar marker in screen during Game Link
* FIXED: missing faint horizontal lines outside of limited grid area.
* FIXED: Key mappings are now saved every time an individual change is made, to reduce the risk of data loss.
* FIXED: Check for write permission on a map file before saving and give an error if that permission is not given.
* FIXED: Tooltip for "Down then Right" arrow in the brush pallete.
* FIXED: Number pad 4/6 not working correctly when pasting/moving a selection.
* FIXED: Deleting a custom tile could change the contents of the recent list.
* FIXED: Bulldozer not enabled if avatar switched off but auto-tracking via Game Link.
* FIXED: Text boxes (e.g. rename region) that are full will now permit you to select text and type over.
* FIXED: Button and lever edges could swap sides when rotating / flipping.
* FIXED: Improved handling of labels when rotating/flipping. Especially on otherwise empty floors.
* FIXED: Very long file names would draw off the end of the recent file list button - they're now clipped correctly.
* FIXED: Initial items are now pushed to the start of brush palette recent lists for consistent LIFO ordering.
* FIXED: Support for more than 255 custom tiles on the brush overlay.
* FIXED: Several problems relating to dragging out a selection beyond the map view and it interacting badly with the rest of the interface.
* FIXED: Slight tiling glitches on the Ooze terrain.
* FIXED: Correctly disable 'center on avatar marker' option when in a hex region.
* FIXED: Bulldozer not updating blocks when changing colours.
* FIXED: Undo/redo potentially not updating the document 'is dirty' flag correctly.
* FIXED: Some half wall/door rotation and flipping bugs.


* ADDED: Use '-fs' on the command line to run Grid Cartographer in a full-screen borderless window.
* FIXED: Improved multi-monitor support.


* FIXED: Use of 'ALT' on ground mode tooltip, should have been 'OPT'.
* KNOWN-ISSUE: Game Link may not be fully compatible with multiple monitor setups.
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Post Sep 28, 2016 23:36
* FIXED: Clipboard and text box CTRL+key combos not working.

Please re-download to get build #682.