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Post Oct 02, 2016 23:55
Here's the first update to version 4. It's slightly earlier than planned due to a crash bug found in the 64-bit Linux version (both editions) - apologies to anyone affected by this.


Downloads for both editions are available here: ... wnload.php

If you'd like to purchase a new license or upgrade from v3: ... t/?aim=buy

Change Log:

* ADDED: Keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle the whole right hand side panel on/off (Default: <Tab>)
* ADDED: Quick way to copy the display and grid settings for a region to all other regions. Use: "Setup > Display|Grid > Copy Settings" then "Setup > Display|Grid > To All Regions..."
* ADDED: Option for Game Link to keep the avatar marker centered at all times. (See the Options > Game Link menu)
* CHANGED: Stairs and ramps are markers once more. This is a rolled back change from v4.0.0, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
* FIXED: Added missing end-game floors to the "Eye of the Beholder" profile. Thanks to Gina for helping!
* FIXED: Corrected a small error in the "Wizardry 6" profile. Thanks to Grauken!
* FIXED: Loading a map was not always initially re-focusing on the avatar marker during game link tracking.


* ADDED: Start menu shortcut to the debug log file.
* FIXED: Use a smaller initial application window size when running on a low resolution display.


* CHANGED: Removed TAB/Shift+TAB shortcuts for region cycling.


* FIXED: Crash in file selectors on 64-bit systems.