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Post Oct 20, 2016 16:50
Another update to Grid Cartographer 4 appears!


Downloads for both editions + Game Link things are available here: ... wnload.php

If you'd like to purchase a new license or upgrade from v3: ... t/?aim=buy


* Game Link profile for Might and Magic III [dos] + optional built-in complete map
* Built in complete map for Wizardry 6
* [PRO] New spray mode when pasting. Paint with the clipboard contents
* Rewritten brush behaviour to let you toggle a tile element off and then drag-erase other similar tiles.
* Performance boost for clipboard and note tools on large maps
* Improved Game Link and Tool Opts. user experience
* Fixed some bugs!

Full Change Log:

* PRO: Added 'spray' mode when pasting to let you paint with the clipboard contents like a large brush.
* PRO: Default state for ceilings in image export is now off (see File > Publish Image > Filters > 'Include Ceiling Markers' )
* PRO: XML export changed to store region and floor names in CDATA tags.
* PRO: Created "Export Reference" PDF document to help explain the exported XML data.
* ADDED: Ability to load pre-drawn full maps for certain Game Link titles. These maps will definitely contain spoilers, you have been warned!
* ADDED: Game Link 'New Map' button on the Start Mapping menu. Creates a compatible map if a known Game Link title is detected.
* ADDED: New drag-erase mode for edges/tiles. You can now toggle off and drag the mouse to erase similar parts of the map.
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra" [DOS]. Thanks to Watser and Aterlom !
* ADDED: Support for alternate versions of "Might and Magic" (1) and "Wizardry" (1). Thanks to MikeSol !
* ADDED: Command to clean all footprints from the current floor on the Floor tab.
* ADDED: Option to disable/enable animated edge buttons in the Setup > Display menu.
* ADDED: Headings to tool option panels to make the tool clearer.
* CHANGED: If a Game Link title is detected when Grid Cartographer starts, automatically create a compatible map.
* CHANGED: Show a message overlay when game link is connected but no video stream is being sent.
* CHANGED: Begun moving some status messages into the localisation database. This is a work in progress.
* CHANGED: Automatically switch to the tool option tab when one is available (Eraser and Picker tool).
* CHANGED: Decreased Game Link client timeout when using the new IPC protocol.
* FIXED: Regions created automatically by Game Link were missing the default 'grid on top' setting.
* FIXED: Various functions such as 'Mark All' incorrectly including footstep marks in selections.
* FIXED: Maximized Game Link doesn't always hide/lock the mouse unless the game requests the mouse, or we forced a lock in the options.
* FIXED: Optimised performance when using move, cut and paste tools on big maps.
* FIXED: Optimised performance when editing notes/labels on big maps.
* FIXED: Clear footprints from the source area correctly when cutting or moving.
* FIXED: XML Export adds a new 'msub' attribute to specify the type of corner or style of block edge.
* FIXED: Issues caused by switching Game Link titles without quitting Grid Cartographer.


* ADDED: Complete map for "Might and Magic III", based on a map by Watser.
* ADDED: Complete map for "Wizardry 6", based on a map by Grauken.


* CHANGED: Limit the maximum window size to slightly larger than the biggest single monitor detected.
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Post Nov 14, 2016 22:55
Known Issues

The profile for "Dragon Wars" doesn't detect the game properly after you save. This will be fixed in the next version.