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Post Jan 25, 2017 21:23
Here's v4.0.3b, a free update for all customers.


Downloads for both editions + Game Link things are available here: ... wnload.php

If you'd like to purchase a new license (or upgrade from v3): ... t/?aim=buy


* Game Link profiles for Wizardry II + Wizardry III [dos]
* [PRO] New region type: Tile Map.
* Clipped drawing. Setup a limited grid size and prevent drawing outside of this area.
* New markers: Scroll and Book. Use the switch tool to open/close the book.
* Horizontal and Vertical flipping of custom tiles.
* 3 new map themes: Red Vector, Amber Vector and Plain Grey
* Wand tool now has a Tool Opts. panel. Contiguous selection is now optionally.
* [Windows] File association support and file icon.
* Many bug fixes, optimisations and little tweaks.

Full Change Log:

--- v4.0.3b

* ADDED: Button check for software updates immediately on File > Updates.
* FIXED: Update detection potentially not clearing properly and showing an alert message multiple times.
* FIXED: "Book" marker was showing as '{untranslated}' on keyboard re-mapping screen.

--- v4.0.3

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

* PRO: New map type 'Tile Map'. Automatically streamlines the tools to help focus on tile map creation for game development. Only colour custom tiles can be used. This is an initial implementation and will be developed further - your feedback is appreciated!
* PRO: Added a 'Hide Ceilings' option to the 3D render settings. See Setup > 3D Engine
* ADDED: Option to enable/disable editing beyond the limited grid area. See "Setup > Grid > Limited Grid Area" to change outside drawing behaviour.
* ADDED: "Scroll" marker.
* ADDED: "Book" marker. Toggle open/close with the Switch tool (found on the Home tab)
* ADDED: Press 'X' or 'Y' to flip arrows, corner tiles and directed edge styles (one-way doors, torches, etc.).
* ADDED: Flip support for ramps, stairs, ladders, teleports, entrance/exit and treasure chests.
* ADDED: Flip support for custom tiles on the marker layer. Toggle buttons appear in a new 'Tool Opts.' panel.
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds" [DOS] (from "The Ultimate Wizardry Archives" collection)
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn" [DOS] (from "The Ultimate Wizardry Archives" collection)
* ADDED: 32x30 Major Grid Size preset.
* ADDED: New themes "Red Vector" and "Amber Vector". See Setup > Display.
* ADDED: ToolOpts. panel for the Wand tool. Moved "can start on empty?" option from Options > Editor.
* ADDED: Wand Tool contiguous mode can be disabled. In this off state it will select all matching tiles anywhere on the floor.
* ADDED: Wand Tool can optionally ignore colours.
* ADDED: <ESC> key hard-coded shortcut to cancel maximize view in 3D mode or disconnected Game Link.
* CHANGED: Split auto-drawing of ceilings across blocks and terrain. See Options > Edtior. Both options are now disabled by default.
* CHANGED: Raised the maximum size of a major tile to 128 (Mega Drive 'VDP' limit)
* CHANGED: Renamed the VDU theme to "Green Vector"
* CHANGED: Clear clipboards when creating/loading a new map.
* CHANGED: Nudging floors up/down/left/right with a selection automatically enters move mode.
* CHANGED: If a grid is configured to have a limited area - the keyboard editing mode cursor is also limited to this area.
* CHANGED: Removed in-app complete maps. These are now hosted on the download page: ... wnload.php
* CHANGED: Auto-detection for Game Link can now utilise wildcards to ignore certain fields that may change unpredictably.
* CHANGED: Improved error messages when loading map files, including a message to explain that a file was saved by future version.
* CHANGED: File > Revert can now be used whenever a file is open. If no changes have been detected the command button will show as "Reload" instead.
* CHANGED: New application icon in a modern flat style.
* CHANGED: Moved the Grid setup 'top-left origin' option to the start of the options list.
* CHANGED: Order of XML rows for bottom-left origin regions, so the XML always matches the editor (i.e. top -> down). Watch the 'y' attribute.
* CHANGED: New map regions created by game link have grid clipping enabled by default if they specify a limited area (e.g. Wizardry series)
* FIXED: Possible crash when deleting a basement from a region with no ground floor.
* FIXED: Show start mapping page at startup (it had stopped working in v4.0.2)
* FIXED: Wand Tool not working properly when the terrain layer was disabled.
* FIXED: Don't start with a new game link map if a map was loaded from the command line.
* FIXED: Minor optimisation to colour custom tile rendering.
* FIXED: Improved performance of 'Edit > Clear' and 'Floor > Flip/Rotate' on large maps.
* FIXED: Poor performance when nudging floors up/down/left/right on large maps.
* FIXED: Drawing a default colour block onto a coloured block erased it - it should just change colour.
* FIXED: Game Link now uses source video aspect ratio correctly.
* FIXED: Input > RMB Overlay could open while Game Link is locked.
* FIXED: Display of footprints was auto-enabling when drawn automatically.
* FIXED: Hex 'V' grid rendering problems when using a limited grid area with a top-left origin.
* FIXED: Restored support for "Dragon Wars" auto-tracking. The game wasn't being detected properly.
* FIXED: Possibility of custom tiles in the brush overlay incorrectly appearing to be selected.
* FIXED: Inability to delete the second-last basement on a region without a ground floor and no above-ground floors.
* FIXED: Nudging floor 2 down in a region with no ground floor wasn't swapping floor 1 up correctly.
* FIXED: Edge 'state' (changed via Switch tool, e.g. torch on/off) was frequently being lost/trashed when using clipboard operations.


* ADDED: Option to register a .GCT file association during setup.
* FIXED: Primary ALT-key based shortcuts not working in fullscreen mode.

- Enjoy !
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Post Jan 26, 2017 21:35
Known Issues:

* Clipboard functions on hexagon H and V type grids do not fully support clipping. Tile edges that are colinear with marquee edges may be read from /written to outside of the clipped grid area. These stray edges can be seen by using the nudge function to move the area back into the visible area.

* Stroke on Hex-H and Hex-V grids does not respect grid clipping.
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Post Feb 14, 2017 04:33
Have you removed the ability to change the horizontal or vertical axis to have letters for their row, rather than numbers? If not, where is the option? If so, will you please put it back? It helps us RPG map makers a lot to be able to quote grid coordinates.
Nevermind, I found it under 'Setup'.
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Post Feb 16, 2017 19:02
I upgraded to 4.0.3b (Linux) and found out problem. It seems that this problem has been there a while already, at least v 4.0.1 has this also.

For some reason, even when I do not do anything, Grid cartographer cpu usage is pretty high - it pretty much uses 100% of one core on my Core-i7 laptop. This feels little bit exessive?

Of course it could be my laptop with Archlinux, I will try to test on different Linux machine.
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Post Feb 16, 2017 19:27
Hi, yeah this is a known issue on Linux and has been there since the first version appeared on this platform - despite my best efforts I can't make the O/S yield to other processes and not try to run at 100%. The Windows task scheduler is able to do this with ease and drops down to ~0% usage but Linux refuses to do so.

I added this code to the main loop in v4 and it doesn't work.

Code: Select all

			// Wait some ms
			struct timespec ts;
			ts.tv_sec = 0;
			ts.tv_nsec = 1 * 1000000000; // ns -> ms
			nanosleep( &ts, NULL );

			// Yield
The only way I can get it to go slowly is to literally just slow down the program to unusable speeds.

I will keep looking into this ...
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Post Feb 16, 2017 19:38
Right... For some reason version 3 is quite a lot better in this - with idle fullscreen window, it consumes about 15% of one cpu core.

EDIT: of course I do not know anyting about your code, but is it using opengl for graphics? Maybe if the loop would be synchronized to vblank would help? (as I said, I have no idea how this app works so this may be silly)

Other than that, maybe configurable extra sleep in main loop would help a little bit?
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Post Feb 16, 2017 20:14
Thanks for letting me know!

I changed things in v4 to try and make it better since 15% is still higher than I'd like, I thought I'd nailed it but I'll take a look at swapping back to that older method as an option. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Post Feb 22, 2017 17:50

I tested with another computer running linux, and I found out another small issue... That computer is laptop with hidpi screen, and I have Gnome desktop with hidpi set up... Grid cartographer window size does scale, but the ui does not - which means that in fullscreen windows, Grid Cartographer window is shown on bottom left quarter of the screen only, rest of the screen is black.
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Post Feb 23, 2017 21:57
GoingDown wrote:Hello,

I tested with another computer running linux, and I found out another small issue... That computer is laptop with hidpi screen, and I have Gnome desktop with hidpi set up... Grid cartographer window size does scale, but the ui does not - which means that in fullscreen windows, Grid Cartographer window is shown on bottom left quarter of the screen only, rest of the screen is black.
This will hopefully be better in the next build. I'd like to be more confident but I don't have a HiDPI monitor to test.

I managed to coax Cinnamon into running in that mode on my 1080p screen. I detect the scaling factor that GTK reports ( via. gdk_window_get_scale_factor ) and apply that to scale the rendering of the OpenGL window accordingly. Fingers crossed it works for you as well - it seems HiDPI support is a little bit unpredictable depending on distro.