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Post May 04, 2017 22:38
Grid Cartographer v4.0.4 is now available!

This massive update is free for existing owners of v4.

Download the update and find out more at, the new home of Grid Cartographer 4! Feel free to ask questions here, about any features of the software you'd like to know more about. You can also follow me on Twitter for frequent development updates.

Highlights of v4.0.4 include:
  • Fog-of-War
    • Draw opaque hidden / fog tiles in several built-in styles.
    • Export images with/without fog for players and Dungeon Master respectively.
    • Works on both square and hex grid types.
  • Game Link
    • New auto-tracking profiles for Wizardry IV and Wizardry VII.
    • Notification that a game is detected for clearer operation.
    • Option to quickly switch to split screen view and setup a new map.
  • Scripting (Preview)
    • First giant step towards scripting support, powered by a customised version of Squirrel.
    • Scripted data export. Built-in example provide exports tile maps to .CSV.
    • Console window with a simple command line interface inspired by CP/M and DOS.
    • 100+ pages of scripting documentation in PDF format.
    • More scripting features will be added in future updates!
    • Check out the new scripting forum for more scripts and help writing your own.
  • Enhanced Mesh Export
    • Native support for Unity and Unreal Engine 4 via the .obj mesh format.
    • Auto-scale to Unreal units.
    • Material/sub-mesh splitting controls for more control.
    • Meshes now include explicit Vertex Normals.
  • Streamlined theme selection
    • Theme selection now has its own Setup menu page.
    • Option to apply map theme (and fog) changes to all regions with one click.
    • Automatically use the last selected theme and fog-style for new maps.
  • Grid Cartographer 4 now requires a 64-bit operating system.
    • 32-bit operating systems are no longer supported.
    • This applies to both the Gamer and Pro editions.
  • Many bug fixes
    • Greatly reduced CPU usage on Linux and macOS systems.
    • Linux version now has partial support for HiDPI displays.
    • Restored the clipboard preservation behaviour of older versions.
    • Allow some keyboard shortcuts to work in the file menu (such as load and

Full Change Log:

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

Pro Edition

* ADDED: Scripting Engine (powered by Squirrel)
* ADDED: File > Export Data menu supports scripts. The example provided exports the current tile map floor as a simple .CSV file.
* ADDED: Console window. Open using the new button in the bottom-right on the status bar, or press the 'console' key above the TAB key ("~" on a US keyboard).
* ADDED: Console runs a basic command processor. Type HELP to list available commands.
* ADDED: Scroll the console using the mouse wheel.
* ADDED: File > Scripts menu. Has buttons to open the new "User Scripts" and "File Store" folders.
* ADDED: New Mesh exporter. Now includes progress bar during export.
* ADDED: Mesh co-ordinate compatibility modes for 3D Editors, Unity or Unreal Engine. Unreal mode auto-scales up from cm to meters.
* ADDED: Mesh options to create materials/sub-meshes per colour, per edge style and/or per terrain type. Alternatively you can turn it all off and have one material for the whole mesh.
* ADDED: Exported meshes now have vertex normals.
* ADDED: Concealed door style options to Publish Image > Filters > "Dungeon Master Tools". Choose from two door styles (or use a wall) to replace one-ways, traps, etc.
* ADDED: Publish image now has a progress bar.
* CHANGED: Tighter bound on image export of square floors using a single tile border, regardless of map.
* FIXED: Mesh export will not write an .OBJ or .MTL file if there were no polygons generated (empty floor).
* FIXED: Marker colour tinting not working on hex 'V' maps.
* FIXED: Don't show tool options panel for the eraser on a tile map.

All Editions

* ADDED: Fog-of-War (default shortcut: F) tile effect. Cover areas of the map with an impenetrable fog. Select fog style in the Setup > Theme menu.
* ADDED: Game Link assistant features. When a game is detected a message box will appear to offer to enable split screen and to create a new compatible map. Both options can be disabled from the Options > "Game Link" menu.
* ADDED: New Setup > Theme menu.
* ADDED: Setup > Theme has a new option 'Apply theme change to all regions' which makes global theme changes easy.
* ADDED: Remember last selected theme and apply to any future new maps (not tile maps)
* ADDED: Interface option to enable/disable restoring of split-screen on start-up. Off by default now. See Options > Interface > "Layout Settings".
* ADDED: Support for the avatar marker going into and out of a 'no facing' state when Game Link requests it.
* ADDED: New theme "White Blueprint"
* ADDED: Game Link profiles for "Wizardry IV" and "Wizardry 7" [DOS]. Massive thanks to Grauken for creating these!
* ADDED: Very early Game Link profile for the first "The Bard's Tale" [DOS]. Only the starting "Skara Brae" map is supported.
* ADDED: Support for the German version of "Wizardry 6" [DOS] and for versions modified by the Cosmic Forge mod/patcher. Thanks Grauken!
* ADDED: Game Link user profiles folder, to make creating your own profiles easier.
* ADDED: Harvest Plant marker. A flower to indicate some important herb or petal can be obtained.
* ADDED: Doorway marker. A non-directional door that fills a tile.
* ADDED: Floor > Clean > Fog-of-war. Quickly remove all fog from the current floor.
* CHANGED: Clipboard buffers are now (mostly) preserved when loading a map or starting a new one. Now only custom tiles are removed from the buffer - this allows copying areas from one map file to another again, as in v4.0.2 and earlier.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the "Plain Gray" theme for standard map use.
* CHANGED: "Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures" now centers the floor when starting a module.
* CHANGED: Mesh export uses 1 tile = 1 unit scale (previous versions used 1:32 scale). Unreal Engine mode automatically scales from cm to meters.
* CHANGED: Allow File menu keyboard shortcuts to work within full screen menus (e.g. load, save, export)
* CHANGED: Updated the pentagram marker graphic.
* CHANGED: Tweaked colours used on the brush overlay in 'Blue on White' theme.
* CHANGED: Removed avatar facing from world map in Pool of Radiance.
* CHANGED: Clearer theme selection buttons.
* CHANGED: Removed the 'beta' update mode - it was never used.
* CHANGED: Apply corrective nudging to the map when changing grid origin.
* CHANGED: Redrawn the entrance and exit door markers.
* FIXED: Pressing the 'new square grid map' shortcut key (default: CTRL+N) was not correctly initialising the new map.
* FIXED: Dissolve effect on "CGA" theme was broken in v4.0.3
* FIXED: "Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures" wasn't setting up the grid correctly when starting a module (missing clip flag).
* FIXED: Updated to libpng 1.6.28 (Windows & macOS only)
* FIXED: Updated to zlib 1.2.11
* FIXED: More strings moved to the localisation files.
* FIXED: Typo when disabling display of note marks.
* FIXED: Some misaligned areas in "Wizardry 6" [DOS]. Thanks Grauken!
* FIXED: Severe menu glitch on the Setup > Grid page when "Axis Values" was switched off and the application window was narrow.


* CHANGED: Now built with Visual Studio 2017.

macOS & Linux

* ADDED: Custom FPS limiter. Add "-limit-fps #.#" to the command line (where # is a floating point number from 1 to 999). Default is equivalent to "-limit-fps 60". Use 0 to disable.


* CHANGED: Now built with Clang/LLVM 3.8 on Linux Mint 18.1
* FIXED: Reduced CPU usage. My system benefits from disabling the vsync option in the NVidia settings. YMMV.
* FIXED: Detect HiDPI mode and scale the UI rendering (uses value returned by 'gdk_window_get_scale_factor', typically x2).
* FIXED: If setting vsync on fails with one GL extension, try one of the others (glXSwapIntervalEXT -> glXSwapIntervalMESA -> glXSwapIntervalSGI)


Post May 05, 2017 23:29
Heads up, this new release, at least the pro version for windows 64x, is causing my anti-virus software to freak out.
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Post May 06, 2017 01:46
This release has failed to download over ten times now.
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Post May 06, 2017 16:08
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. It could be because I moved domain. :iiam:

I uploaded them to the old domain, hope that helps. All 3 platforms for both editions work for me fwiw.

Gamer Edition ... v4_0_4.exe (Windows) ... (macOS) ... 0_4.tar.gz (Linux)

Pro Edition ... v4_0_4.exe (Windows) ... (macOS) ... 0_4.tar.gz (Linux)
Post May 18, 2017 22:50
David, I'd like to contribute a complete GC map for Might&Magic I to your game map collection; how do I contact you to transfer the file?
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Post May 19, 2017 08:27
glaymore wrote:
May 18, 2017 22:50
David, I'd like to contribute a complete GC map for Might&Magic I to your game map collection; how do I contact you to transfer the file?
Either link it in the gallery or send me a hello through the old contact form and we can co-ordinate through there: Sorry I'm taking so long migrating everything over from the old site.