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Post Jun 01, 2017 15:36
Here's v4.0.5, a smaller update that corrects a few problems in v4.0.4 and extends image exporting to support TGA and BMP file formats.



Pro Edition

* ADDED: Publish Images to TARGA (.tga) and Windows Bitmap (.bmp) file formats.
* ADDED: Binary literal support in scripts. Use '0b' prefix, e.g. 0b10101 = 0x15 = 21
* FIXED: Tile map image export was clipping the right and bottom sides.
* FIXED: Console transparency issues when using Game Link split-screen.
* FIXED: Click-through the console to Game Link split screen.

All Editions

* ADDED: Floor > Clean > Markers. Quickly remove all markers from the current floor.
* ADDED: Floor > Clean > All notes & labels. Quickly remove all notes and labels from the current floor.
* CHANGED: File format descriptions used in file selector filters are now read from the localisation data.
* CHANGED: Game Link profiles <mask> now *excludes* positions from matching packet views. <mask pts="#x,#y ..."> where x and y are raw game positions.
* CHANGED: Merge Game Link profiles list when multiple games on different systems are provided.
* FIXED: Don't ignore Game Link profiles that differ only by platform or beta status.
* FIXED: Several issues to improve development of Game Link profiles for multiple emulated platforms.
* FIXED: Ceiling marker display is working again for square grids (broken in v4.0.4)


* FIXED: Prevent selecting network files through file selectors (not supported by GC4 code).