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Post Jun 17, 2018 08:56
Here's v4.0.8, a mostly bug fix and polish release to co-inicide with the Steam release on Tuesday the 19th of June.


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Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Please update to the latest Custom DOSBox 'R17' to continue using 'Classic' Game Link.

All Editions

* ADDED: Volume control for Game Link. Click the icon in the bottom-right of the UI. Right click for quick mute toggle.
* ADDED: System menu for Game Link with pause, reset and power-off controls for Custom DOSBox.
* ADDED: JPEG support for custom tiles.
* ADDED: Quick File menu added to map editor viewports.
* ADDED: More custom tile sizes. Any square image from 4x4 to 64x64 is now supported.
* ADDED: Support for more PSD image modes: Indexed, Grayscale, Gray-Alpha and Bitmap.
* ADDED: New game link packet command <match pts="..."> to isolate irregular areas.
* CHANGED: Removed the quick-save icon from the navigation toolbar. Use the new file menu, or CTRL+S (CMD+S on macOS)
* CHANGED: Rename Editor view > View menu > "Copy" to "Copy Setup"
* CHANGED: Improved default filename for region export.
* CHANGED: Removed list of profiles from Options > Game Link
* CHANGED: Remove "Auto Tracking Enabled" Game Link option.
* CHANGED: Removed legacy 'Game Link over LAN' support.
* FIXED: Problems reading many PSD files. Note the "Maximize Compatibility" option must be used in Photoshop.
* FIXED: Tile flipping being forgotten when pasting over with empty parts of clipboard. Thanks jkat718.
* FIXED: Clicks on the colour panel were also being processed by the tool opts. panel. Thanks Grauken.
* FIXED: Region bar context menu was only operating correctly on the first region tab.

Pro Edition ( & Steam )

* ADDED: New script function GCConsole.GetAttrib to get the current attribute setting.
* ADDED: New script function GCKernel.MSTime to get the current system time in milliseconds.
* ADDED: Basic ANSI printing script 'stdio/ansi.nut' with limited support for text formatting.
* ADDED: Console border color support for CGA adapter mode. See API chapter of the script manual.
* ADDED: Added graphics modes to CGA and HERC adapters (roughly approximating their real-world counterparts).
* ADDED: Option to disable mouse wheel scrolling when using the console viewport.
* ADDED: Support for CTRL+'a'-'z' (except 'c') to console input.
* ADDED: Basic console 'device' support for "CON:". Use "COPY CON: FILE.EXT" to create simple text files. Use "COPY FILE.EXT CON:" to print files to the console (equivalent to the TYPE command)
* ADDED: Right-click context menu for the console icon on the status bar.
* ADDED: "End Task" command added to console context menu - force a script to stop in the event of a failure.
* ADDED: Mouse pointer support for console. See GCConsole.Pointer in the API manual.
* ADDED: Triangulate option for mesh export.
* ADDED: Script compiler and linker API.
* CHANGED: Simplified console display options. Removed incomplete 'EGA' option.
* CHANGED: Standard helper script getline now returns null if you press CTRL+C.
* CHANGED: GCConsole.Adapter returns a table slot called "graphics" to indicate non-text mode (used to be "raster")
* CHANGED: Split Export Mesh / Export Data options on File page.
* CHANGED: Removed comment lines from .OBJ export output.
* FIXED: Command processor 'import' and 'export' commands now have working error messages.
* FIXED: Pressing escape key on the standard line editor ("getline") wasn't clearing the line properly.
* FIXED: Prevent Custom DOSBox click-to-lock ignoring the console popup window.


* ADDED: Shader effect for console viewport in CGA mode (shader model 3 required)