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Post Jul 11, 2018 11:09
v4.0.9 is now available!

The key changes are:

* New Game Link profile: "Gateway to the Savage Frontier", thanks to Grauken for all his hard work. See the download page for his complete map, or have fun drawing your own!
* Rewritten note and label editor to support automatic word-wrap. This makes it much easier to use with split viewport layouts (where the map editor might not be very wide).
* Ability to lock the recent brush lists and a niggle removed from the move tool.
* Lots of console improvements. These are largely behind-the-scenes stuff, but lay foundations for important support tool work for Game Link in future versions.


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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: Auto-tracking profile for "Gateway to the Savage Frontier". Thanks to Grauken.
* ADDED: Game Link video quick preset options for integer scaling and aspect-ratio correct mode.
* ADDED: Padlock icons on recent lists in the brush palette. While locked, no new icons will be added.
* ADDED: Pressing the delete key now works during move and paste actions.
* ADDED: Mouse wheel scrolling for volume control slider.
* ADDED: Smoother scrolling of brush palette panel.
* CHANGED: Note editor/display now applies word-wrap to long lines to fit in narrow viewports.
* ADDED: Text editor shortcuts ctrl+backspace and ctrl+delete to remove previous/next word.
* FIXED: Edit > Select All not selecting otherwise empty blocks with a ceiling mark drawn.

Pro Edition ( & Steam )

* CHANGED: Console command processor can now handle command names followed by slashed switches (e.g. dir/w/p) without needing spaces.
* ADDED: Command switches for DIR: /w for wide mode, /p to pause after each page. Default is now a list mode with file size shown.
* ADDED: UIKit to help create user interfaces in the console. Each component is documented at the end of the scripting manual.
* FIXED: Various console API improvements and fixes.