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Post Jul 18, 2018 17:29
v4.1.0 is now available!

The key changes are:
  • Ultima 1 game link profile, thanks to Grauken.
  • Scripting changes to support an export script for AppGameKit: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1919

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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: Auto-tracking profile for "ULTIMA I: THE FIRST AGE OF DARKNESS" [DOS]. Thanks to Grauken.
* FIXED: Game Link profiles now report in the error log any <packetview> elements that try to extend unknown classes.
* FIXED: Stopped inconsequential message boxes preventing the application from quitting.
* FIXED: Don't allow the avatar move tool during Game Link.

Pro Edition ( & Steam )

* ADDED: Console UIKit menu system. See scripting manual.
* ADDED: Console UIKit text cursor: Mouse click/release trigger bits.
* ADDED: GCConsole.SysKey API function to acquire shift, ctrl and alt state.
* FIXED: Incorrect console text cursor colour on non-black backgrounds.
* CHANGED: Modified the script hook system to support multiple <location> elements in one hook.
* CHANGED: GCRegion.Shape() function now returns 'tilemap_sq' for tilemaps (to allow for non-square tilemaps in future)
* FIXED: GCTile.Get was using 'State' instead of 'Switch' for tile edges and marker. Corrected to match documentation.
* ADDED: GCBuffer.WriteBool function to write 0 to 1 to the buffer, supports bool and int arguments.
* ADDED: GCBuffer.WriteString function to write a zero-terminated string to the buffer.
* FIXED: No error message when an export script failed to load (file not found, compile error, etc.)


* ADDED: Toggle for console CGA CRT shader effect.