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Post Aug 06, 2018 10:19
v4.1.1 is now available!

Headline changes are:
  • Re-written "auto-wall" Block tiles - support for walls being edited after drawing.
  • Filter box for the brush palette side panel.
  • DOOM IWAD import for custom terrain tiles (from Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc.).
  • New markers: "Spring" (jump-pad) and "Tent"
  • Hex "Mountain", "Vegetation" and "Trees" terrain now look much better.
  • Export single regions to XML. New right-click sub-menu for export on region tabs.
  • Improved 'UIKit' scripting library with text-based dialog box support.
  • Lots of bugs fixed!

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Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

All Editions

* CHANGED: Complete re-write of the auto-walls system. Auto-walls can now be manually deleted.
* ADDED: Use new Tool Opts. panel to enable/disable auto-walls for built-in terrain.
* ADDED: Custom tiles can be drawn on the terrian layer with auto-walls.
* ADDED: New marker "Spring"
* ADDED: New marker "Tent"
* CHANGED: Corridor brush now only works in single click toggle mode.
* CHANGED: Re-ordered 'viewport type' drop-down menu.
* FIXED: Crash bug when deleting custom tile groups.
* FIXED: Custom tile delete and create group icons not working for tiles on the terrain layer.
* FIXED: Tool-tip flickering on brush overlay when selecting something.
* FIXED: Only show flipped custom tile options on brush palette when marker layer is selected, or a tile map
* FIXED: Optimised performance of various actions on large maps (undo/redo system improvements).
* FIXED: Bugs in auto-scrolling brush palette panel to selected edge/marker/etc.
* CHANGED: Darker default floor block colour for red,green and amber vector themes.
* FIXED: Crash bug when creating a new map when the old map had custom tiles and the brush side panel was hidden.
* FIXED: Some instances where an editing action wasn't flagging the document as dirty / requiring save.
* FIXED: Keyboard accessible mode viewport outline may not display when the viewport is maximized.
* CHANGED: Removed custom tile swap layer function.
* FIXED: Missing file format options when replacing a custom tile.
* FIXED: Square grid lines could clip too soon on the top and left sides of the viewport at extreme close ups.

Pro & Steam Editions

* CHANGED: All 'auto-walled' tile types have been removed from exported data. See updated Data Export Reference manual.
* ADDED: Export single region to XML. See File > Export Data.
* ADDED: Export > XML options to region bar right-click menu. Export the current region or the whole map.
* CHANGED: Renamed 3D View to 'First-Person'
* FIXED: Console UIKit text menu: Wasn't preserving the cursor enable state correctly.
* FIXED: Console UIKit text menu: Flickering if trying to navigate with keys when only one menu is available.
* FIXED: Printing character codes > 127 weren't displayed when using GCConsole.Print
* ADDED: Console UIKit text menu: 'Refresh' method to force a redraw.
* CHANGED: Console UIKit text menu: Update method return value now returns the same value as IsOpen.
* CHANGED: Renamed GCConsole.PushChar to GCConsole.PushKey
* ADDED: Console UIKit dialog box system. Search the scripting manual for UITextDialog.
* CHANGED: Any sub-directories in the User Scripts folder will now be checked for hooks&scripts.
* FIXED: Correctly disable custom tile importing while a script process is running.
* CHANGED: Don't show the (irrelevant) layer overlay marker on tiles on tile-map regions.
* FIXED: Allow drawing on tile-map layers with custom tiles assigned to the terrain layer.
* FIXED: Correctly show the 'brush disabled' icon on the toolbar when switching to a tile-map with a monochrome custom tile selected.
* CHANGED: Help text now differentiates between no custom tiles loaded and none available (due to being in tile-map mode).
* ADDED: New script location 'import_custom_tile' which adds an entry to the custom tile import dialog.
* ADDED: Ability to create new custom tiles and groups from script.
* ADDED: Import script for Doom Engine IWAD files (Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, etc.)
* ADDED: Shortcut key to toggle between map editor and 3d first-person view. [Default: Q]
* CHANGED: Hex terrain tiles 'mountain', 'trees' and 'vegetation' are now centred within the hex instead of tiled.
* FIXED: Drop shadows on console text menus weren't correct in 'HERC' mode on light backgrounds.
* ADDED: Option to enable/disable colour palette export to XML.
* FIXED: Incorrect 'is custom tile used' flag on XML export for tile indices >= 256


* FIXED: Multiple extension options were broken. e.g. .JPEG and .JPE files on Custom Tile import.


* FIXED: Custom tiles on terrain layer could be drawn with incorrect colours.


* CHANGED: Raised minimum system specification to Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu 18.04 base)
* CHANGED: Updated to libpng16. libpng12 is no longer required.
* FIXED: Custom tiles on terrain layer could be drawn with incorrect colours.