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Post Oct 30, 2018 23:32
v4.3.0 is now available! (btw. I've skipped a few versions out to make a nice round number.)

Headline changes are:
  • LibRetro support to emulate a wider range of consoles and computers (Windows only)
  • Terrain Snipper tool to remove half tiles from the terrain.
  • Lots of bugs fixed!

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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: New edge style: "Trapped wall".
* ADDED: On-screen display when the Game Link volume is changed.
* ADDED: Limited import of custom tiles in Windows BMP (24/32-bit) and GIF (static) formats.
* ADDED: Support for importing RLE compressed TGA files (24/32-bit).
* ADDED: Support for importing Windows Icon files (.ICO) - largest available image size only.
* ADDED: New button on the home toolbar to toggle side-panel visibility (shortcut: TAB).
* ADDED: Recent files list on the editor file menu.
* ADDED: Editor file menu has "new blank map for game link" option, if available.
* CHANGED: The main file tab is now the "G" button again.
* FIXED: Clicking 'corner' edge styles no longer switches to the marker tab.
* FIXED: Grammatical error when importing custom tiles with incompatible sizes or shapes.
* FIXED: Major upgrade to Dragon Wars [DOS] Game Link profile by Grauken.
* CHANGED: Removed the "sort_name" field from Game Link profiles. New profiles no longer need this.
* FIXED: Incorrect rejection of duplicate profiles.
* CHANGED: Moved Game Link helper settings to Options > Editor
* CHANGED: Moved Game Link mouse lock settings to Options > Input and LibRetro/Game Link menu bar.
* CHANGED: Dual column input settings menu.
* FIXED: Prevent editing the ALT-ENTER keyboard shortcut, but allow adding new keys (e.g. F11)
* FIXED: Chance that the status bar cursor position could overlap long messages.
* ADDED: Viewport frames for LibRetro/Game Link. See the Video menu in the LibRetro/Game Link viewport.
* CHANGED: Enter and Esc keys work as shortcuts on YES/NO message boxes.
* FIXED: The 'unknown game' Game Link status bar icon is now shown correctly.
* FIXED: Avatar -> Collision toggle causing a crash in Gamer Edition.
* FIXED: Avatar -> Auto-remove Fog option not working from viewport menu bar.

Pro & Steam Editions

* ADDED: Snipper Tool - click to remove one side of a block edge or corner tile.
* CHANGED: Mesh Export: Subdivide terrain geometry when block edges / corners are placed on top.
* FIXED: Missing geometry when exporting custom terrain as a mesh.
* FIXED: Allow the side-panel toggle (default: TAB) to work in first-person view.
* CHANGED: Moved 'publish image' into the export sub-menu on the region bar context menu.
* ADDED: Export sub-menu on the editor file menu. This matches the region bar right-click menu.
* ADDED: File menu to first person viewport toolbar.
* ADDED: Compressed block format for smaller .GCX applications
* CHANGED: Removed 'COLOR' console command in "HERC" mode.
* CHANGED: Removed 'EXIT' console command, unless running command as a child process.
* CHANGED: Removed 'SIZE' console command. Use 'DIR'.
* ADDED: Console environment variables system. Added 'SET' console command.
* FIXED: Pass current virtual drive selection to child processes.
* CHANGED: Removed console aspect ratio option, the console always uses a fixed aspect.
* ADDED: Drag&drop support for console scripts (.NUT) and executables (.GCX)
* ADDED: UIKit text menu support for keyboard shortcut display.
* FIXED: UIKit menu ampersand tagged characters can now also be numbers.
* FIXED: UIKit: Message box multiple options, option centering, line break support.
* FIXED: UIKit: UITextCursor is now a singleton and other UIKit classes auto-detect it.
* ADDED: UIKit: TextBox form control.
* ADDED: mkdrive and rmdrive console commands. Create and remove a virtual drives in the virtual file store.
* ADDED: Scripting support for the terrain snipper. See GCTile.Get in the scripting manual API reference.


* ADDED: LibRetro front-end (WINDOWS ONLY). Run emulation "cores" in split-screen while mapping.
* CHANGED: Auto-hide mouse after 2 seconds when playing LibRetro.
* CHANGED: Rewrite of the full-screen mode to be more consistent with user expectation. Added new icon on Home toolbar.
* FIXED: Initial paths for file selector boxes weren't being used.
* ADDED: List of Custom DOSBox compatible profiles on Link Profiles tab.


* FIXED: Multiple extension options were broken. e.g. .JPEG and .JPE files on Custom Tile import.
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Post Nov 01, 2018 22:45
I've updated the Pro and Steam editions to v4.3.01.

This hotfix stops a crash bug in the mesh export code.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.