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Post Mar 04, 2019 12:40
v4.3.1 is now available!

Headline changes are:
  • New Note System
  • New Text Tool - Fonts, Styles & Sizes!
  • Onion Skin Rendering Mode
  • LibRetro (Windows) - Quick Save! + Better Audio Latency
  • "Dungeon Master" (DOS version) auto-tracking profile
  • Many minor improvements/fixes

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Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

* NOTE: The appearance of existing notes and text labels may have changed and require additional adjustment.

All Editions

* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Dungeon Master" (DOS)
* CHANGED: Rewritten Note system. Intuitive in-place editing and a new visual style.
* ADDED: Loading/initialise screen on start-up.
* CHANGED: More zooming steps.
* FIXED: Better status bar message when starting a new map.
* FIXED: Disable brush overlay toolbar icon when a non-editor viewport is selected.
* CHANGED: Moved all edge style names to a localisation file.
* CHANGED: 'Add new region' dialog box is now movable.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT to lock/unlock mouse for Game Link.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcut to hide/show ALL interface elements - Options > Input > Misc > "Toggle All Interface"
* FIXED: Undo/redo performance and memory optimisations.
* CHANGED: Renamed map editor 'view' menu to 'show' and changed the option order to match rendering order.
* CHANGED: Moved interface elements toggles to a drop-down on the right-side of the HOME tab.
* ADDED: Full version number to the application window title.
* CHANGED: Removed the option to configure note tool newline to use ctrl+enter.
* FIXED: Text editor Shift+Up/Down selection bugs.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the appearance of the Tool Opts. panels to reduce height.
* CHANGED: Slightly raised the minimum width of the side panel.
* CHANGED: Black on White theme - edge icons (locked door, etc.) are now also black.
* FIXED: Viewport layout not restoring correctly on start-up (Large + Triple right layout)
* CHANGED: Extended viewport configuration from layout selection dialog.
* CHANGED: Default to Quad layout for new users.
* FIXED: Brush overlay tooltips for terrain not working.
* CHANGED: Flip arrow markers horizontally and vertically with floor (if Editor > Paste/Move Local Flip enabled)
* CHANGED: Rotate arrow markers with floor (if Editor > Paste/Move Local Flip enabled)
* ADDED: Diagonal bi-directional arrow markers.
* ADDED: On-screen pause icon when for DOSBox Gridc or LibRetro
* FIXED: Brush palette wasn't correctly scrolling to the selected marker.
* CHANGED: Moved marker names into a localisation XML file.
* FIXED: Possible crash when deleting a user imported Game Link profile while it's in use.
* CHANGED: Allow zero values in Game Link profile <peek> bytes.
* FIXED: Minor bugs with Game Link when quitting back to DOS and starting the game again without DOSBox exiting.

Pro & Steam Editions

* ADDED: Re-written Text Tool. Adds support for fonts, styles and variable text size.
* CHANGED: Replaced the Label tab with a tool options panel. Text tool is now located on the HOME tab.
* ADDED: 'Onion skin' display. Draw a shadow of the floor above/below to help with alignment.
* CHANGED: Double-click grid shape when adding a new region to quickly create a new region.
* ADDED: Additional help and warning messages for the snipper tool.
* FIXED: Disable terrain snipper tool during note editing.
* CHANGED: Removed labels from XML export.
* CHANGED: Image export now sets the print resolution (PPI) to 1 tile/inch for square grids (PNG/BMP format).
* ADDED: Support for an extended version of DOSBox Gridc that gives direct access to all emulated RAM.
* ADDED: "..." opts on publish image options (region context and file menu)


* ADDED: Quick saved states with multiple slots.
* FIXED: LibRetro.Resume API call not working with DOSBox Gridc
* FIXED: LibRetro keyboard input labels should be uppercase.
* ADDED: Core name is included on status bar message when loading a game.
* CHANGED: Raised the maximum number of controller ports to 12, if the core supports it.
* ADDED: Ability to change content path for a game from it's right-click menu, e.g. if you moved the file.
* CHANGED: LibRetro browser - if nothing selected and keyboard/pad navigation used, the first item is auto-selected.
* CHANGED: LibRetro browser - Add button renamed as Load.
* CHANGED: LibRetro browser - Add (now Load) an existing game no longer creates a duplicate entry.
* CHANGED: LibRetro: Auto-start games after loading.
* ADDED: System > "Quick Load" option to quickly open a content file and go - no need to use the game library menu.
* CHANGED: DirectInput joysticks try to request background access.
* FIXED: LibRetro analog stick issues with "Beetle PSX" core - force auto-calibration core option to be enabled.
* ADDED: Ability to invert analog axes from the LibRetro > Input > Setup Controllers menu.
* CHANGED: Improved frame pacing.
* ADDED: When binding all inputs for a joystick, pressing <TAB> can skip missing controls. Check for the on-screen prompt.
* FIXED: Possible crash bug or weirdness when core memory size changes (e.g. CAP32)
* FIXED: LibRetro Input menu issues when running a keyboard based core (e.g. CAP32) and selecting keyboard as joystick device (not supported).


* ADDED: Game Link keyboard re-mapping page. See Options > Input.


* FIXED: Crash bug when running from a different working directory, e.g. $ ./Software/GC4/gridc64pro
* ADDED: Game Link keyboard re-mapping page. See Options > Input.
* FIXED: Crash bug when using 'import' console command.