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Post Mar 13, 2019 16:35
v4.3.2 is now available!

Headline changes are:
  • "Ultima IV" (DOS Version) auto-tracking profile - thanks glaymore!
  • Numbered tiles option (see below). Print co-ordinates in each grid cell in XXYY format.
  • Changed Edit and Floor 'ribbon tabs' into menus for the editor viewport.
  • Several bug-fixes and tweaks.

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Numbered Tiles

(click for big)


Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: "Ultima IV" game link profile. Many thanks to glaymore for creating this!
* ADDED: "Numbered Grid Tiles". Shows 'XXYY' values in all positive grid cells. Enable via Setup > Grid > Numbered Tiles
* FIXED: Opening maps from the command line or file association.
* CHANGED: Edit ribbon tab has been removed and replaced with Edit and Select menus in the editor viewport type.
* CHANGED: Floor ribbon tab has been removed and replaced with Floor menu in the editor viewport type.
* CHANGED: DRM screen, added some feedback if you paste something that isn't a key.
* CHANGED: Message box confirm System > Reset for Game Link.
* CHANGED: Re-arranged the Setup > Grid menu.
* ADDED: Support for custom grid origins (beyond the 'start at one' option available before.) See Setup > Grid.
* CHANGED: Game Link profiles can now specify a grid origin as x/y, rather than just 'one based' as a flag. See updated reference manual.
* FIXED: Ribbon tabs for Move and Paste modes shouldn't have been drawn in a disabled state when active.
* CHANGED: Don't apply an offset when using Edit > Copy.
* CHANGED: Updated tree marker appearance.
* ADDED: Text objects can now be selected by the mark tool and take part in clipboard / move operations.

Pro & Steam Editions

* ADDED: Double-click a colour in the palette panel and the editor will open.
* CHANGED: Removed ability to publish note marks to images.
* CHANGED: Renamed LibRetro API to GCGameLink and allowed it to work on macOS and Linux (for DOSBox Gridc). LRMEM is now MEMSCAN, check the scripting forum (viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1937) for an update.
* ADDED: Export mesh "..." options on the File menu and region context menu.
* FIXED: System keys (shift, ctrl or alt) shouldn't work when the console doesn't have focus.
* FIXED: Image export grid lines bug on Hex-H floors with a top-left origin.
* FIXED: Issues with choosing a new font in a text object.


* FIXED: Inverted analog stick LY / RY axes now save correctly.
* CHANGED: The 'auto-hide menu bar' option now only affects normal window mode. In borderless full-screen mode the menu always auto-hides.
Post Mar 15, 2019 16:08
Numbered tiles..... AWESOME!

You make it hard for me to decide on gridcartographer to use on hexmaps or Inkwell Ideas Hexographer. I am so glad I purchased this mapping aid. It just gets better and better.