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Post Apr 05, 2019 21:15
v4.3.4 is now available!
The focus for this release has been fixing bugs discovered in v4.3.3. Also a few polishing tweaks.


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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: Option to enable/disable On-screen Display for game link / LibRetro.
* FIXED: Possibly incorrect floor count on the Setup > Regions menu page. Thanks Hirato.
* ADDED: Theme selection drop-down menu when adding a new region.
* FIXED: Prevented dragging a dialog box when it has a drop-down open (e.g. colour precision)
* ADDED: Show context menu default actions in bold.
* FIXED: Ishar profile now works whether Gravis Ultrasound emulation is enabled or not. Corrects comptibility.
* FIXED: Problems tracking the avatar marker when it jumps very far from its current position.

LibRetro [Windows]

* ADDED: Improved 6-button controller support. Click the 'STYLE' button in Input > Setup to cycle the physical style between standard and 6 button layouts.
* CHANGED: Merge the game list and input list browser pages.
* ADDED: Menu bar '[]' button in top-right to toggle full-screen mode (convenience link to Video > Full-screen)
* CHANGED: Game list now groups games under category heading based on the sort mode.
* ADDED: New game list sort mode to group by core (i.e. platform)
* CHANGED: Game list row mode will now increase to 3 columns at full size.
* ADDED: Built-in support for 8bitdo M30 controllers in wired USB mode. Bluetooth mode will also work but requires manual setup at this time.

Pro & Steam Editions

* FIXED: Possible crash bug when exporting to mesh with per-colour materials enabled. Thanks Ghezra.
* FIXED: Opposite status message when toggling onion skin rendering.
* ADDED: Godot Engine for mesh export.


* ADDED: Full-screen mode now supports multiple monitors. The monitor that the app window is most covering will be used.