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Post Apr 22, 2019 12:58
v4.3.5 is now available!

A mixed bag of updates this time, enjoy!

Also a nice milestone - every mainline DOS Wizardry game is now supported by the game link auto-tracking system! :toot:



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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: "Wizardry 5" (DOS) auto-tracking profile. Thanks to Grauken for doing the bulk of the work!
* ADDED: "Ultima V" (DOS) auto-tracking profile. Thanks to Glaymore!
* FIXED: Issues with "Dungeon Master" profile not tracking on level B4 and below. Thanks MaeL!
* ADDED: Right-click menu for the Game Link spinning animation to enable/disable it.
* CHANGED: Automatically re-enable field effect display if it's disabled when you start painting field effects.
* ADDED: New stair markers in a traditional top-down style.
* ADDED: "Bookshelf", "Wardrobe" and "Coin" markers.
* ADDED: "Cross" shape marker.
* ADDED: Separate 'furniture' category in the Markers tab.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the order of some Marker categories.
* CHANGED: Corridor tool can now be dragged. Secret sauce: brush it repeatedly over an area to make a random maze/mess.
* ADDED: Text objects can now use the default theme colour. Click the "X" button next to the colour to use it.
* CHANGED: Floor > Clean > "Remove color tints" option now applies to text objects and resets them to the theme default.
* FIXED: Possible for text label to become shared by two objects, causing updates to affect multiple labels.
* CHANGED: Double-click options in radio button dialog boxes (e.g. Floor > Clean) to automatically OK the selection.
* FIXED: Glitches on text label selection 'brackets' when zooming out too far.
* CHANGED: More soothing zoom percentages when using the mouse wheel.

LibRetro [Windows]

* FIXED: 6 button controller support on "4DO" emulator. X/Y/Z buttons map to L/P/R on 3DO (Street Fighter compatible.)
* ADDED: Minimize application window button to the LibRetro viewport toolbar.
* FIXED: Limit known Game Boy and Nintendo DS cores to 1 controller port.
* FIXED: Likely crash when game resolution changes (e.g. change screen layout/separation in DeSmuME)
* CHANGED: Hacked input in the "DeSmuME" core so that L3 is now the 'open/close lid' button, R3 is 'mic input' and left/right shoulder buttons are now merged.

Pro Edition

* ADDED: New terrain category "Half Blocks" these are little prefabs to speed up drawing half blocks.
* CHANGED: Tweaked auto-walls algorithm when drawing next to snipped blocks.
* CHANGED: Clip darkness and field effects display along with terrain snipping.
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Post Apr 22, 2019 13:37
The awesome Gr4uk3n has provided us all with a complete map of Wizardry 5, thanks! - download it here: