Thanks for reporting problems here.
Post Jul 24, 2015 08:09
dug up some more bugs for ya :v:

the edges created using the block or corridor tool appear to be seperate entities from 'normal' edges, with those edges created manually appearing over them. once those manually created edges are deleted (by clicking them once more), the corridor edges are still there. both are deleted at the same time with the eraser, however.

this is not the case with the terrain created by the block tool. painting over the corridor's terrain functions as expected, effectively replacing it with the new terrain.

I've also found that the edges of a corridor are deleted when attempting to change the terrain adjacent to the corridor's edge.

eraser behavior is inconsistent when comparing normal edges with those made with the corridor or block tool. while the eraser will normally delete any edge it comes into contact with on any side, the edges created with the corridor/block tool must be deleted from within.

these bugs appear to be a result of the way corridors are created- they're just their own entity as far as I can tell.
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