It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Sep 28, 2016 19:59
glaymore wrote:
MikeSol wrote:maybe blue or purple for magically locked doors and red for jammed doors
MikeSol, you can draw the doors of whatever color by using the palette tool. The same applies to the walls and any icons. I find it most useful when mapping multiple teleporter entrance/exit pairs; color-marking really helps to distinguish between them.
Yeah I should have realized that as I change the colors for some of the icons all the time. Thank you.
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Post Sep 30, 2016 11:50
So I was thinking about this some more and I wondered what you thought about this mock-up of a new door type that supported a colour as well (I'd leave the current hollow box as it is):


I could either make the box door always the default wall colour, with the brush colour used for the fill.

Or have the whole thing coloured.

I've drawn walls next to them, to show the interaction with other walls of default and equal colours

If you tint a hollow box door with a colour that's going to look pretty similar to the right hand side one so I'm tempted to not prioritise that one. The left hand one seems more useful.

Other options could be:



Which would probably work better if you zoomed out but maybe look worse. I'd like some feedback !!
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Post Sep 30, 2016 13:28
When the outline of the door box and the fill are in different colors, it looks as if there's something inside the door :) which is sort of misleading. Solid fill conveys the message much better, I guess.

Whether the door box color and the wall color should be identical or not, I'm really not sure. This one looks slightly nicer I think.
Post Sep 30, 2016 16:08

There are two that I like. I like the same one that glaymore likes but my first vote goes for the door on the LEFT in the above image. It just looks the nicest to me. In the end though, I really only want the door itself to change color, not the wall it is connected to. The one on the right in the above image looks ugly to me. Thank you for posting the picture samples!
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Post Sep 30, 2016 22:10
Back by popular* demand. v3 stairs will return to v4.01

Post Oct 01, 2016 01:53
I am glad to see the old stairs will be coming back. After I finish mapping a level, I like to fill it in with one of the colors because it makes the map look nicer and it is easier to read as well. Knowing that the fill-in will not delete the stairs icon like it is doing now is good.
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