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Post Aug 31, 2017 00:49
Grid Cartographer - Gamer edition.

Been working on playing and mapping pool of radiance, shut off my computer with grid cartographer open and now I can no longer open the file. I spent a lot of time on these maps, I would very much like to retrieve them. Anything I can do to make this work again? The map file was stored in my dropbox as well.

Post Aug 31, 2017 12:47
Update: It opens the file fine in the Mac version of gc4, just wouldn't open on my PC for some reason. Windows 10 latest version.
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Post Aug 31, 2017 22:16
Strange - the file loading is essentially the same code on all platforms. :iiam:

If you save from mac to a new file - does that load in the windows version?

Happy to take a look if you still need help.
Post Sep 02, 2017 00:55
I saved the file again from the mac, that file works on my pc. The original file will not open on the PC, but at least I have access to the file now with the 2nd save. Not sure why it opens only on mac, not pc.
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Post Sep 02, 2017 17:10
Glad you got it fixed. I'm not sure what went wrong there either. Could you send me both files? - I can compare them and maybe I can see what went wrong with the data, potentially there's a bug to fix.