It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Nov 18, 2017 22:26
I noticed left mouse button puts the selected object in. Awesome

Middle mouse wheel scrolls in/out. Awesome

Pressing middle mouse button has the map grab and drag to look around. Awesome.

Right mouse button also drags the map. Maybe have right mouse button delete selected (wall, object, terrain). The eraser is great but if you made a mistake in the middle of a wall maze (like you meant for a blank wall instead of a door/wall) you would essentially have to erase that entire square (undo goes by order you placed and you might notic your mistake way later).

Sure its easy to fix you map but i think a targetted 1 right click delete is good esp since you have drag on middle mouse button.

Maybe add blank opening (i can do it on custom i believe and will).

Only other thing i can think of if it isnt in play is for terrain fill for massive areas. Some mapeds have it to where you can fill entire areas with a single click. Maybe this one does (i'm just learning).

I will probably spend a large amount of time on custom tilesets. Just becomes a passion so i will be reading and experimenting on that.

Site Admin
Post Nov 18, 2017 22:49
Hi, if you go to the Options tab and the Input page, there's some choices there for what the mouse buttons, etc. do so you can tune it a bit more to your liking.

The eraser could be more 'surgical' so I'll take that on board. You can stop it removing edges by unchecking the box in the 'Tool Opts.' panel though - that makes it a bit more precise

Thanks for the other suggestions too :tiphat: