Announcements of New Releases
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Post Nov 10, 2014 19:22
Grid Cartographer v2.1.0 is now available! The focus of this release is to improve the image export capabilities.

Great news for role-players : Exported maps can now be used on Roll20 using the new 70 pixel grid size. Additionally I've brought back XML export for maps which turns Grid Cartographer once again into a game development tool. Finally I've fixed a number of issues such as labels getting cropped in image exports and being harder to select than they needed to be.


Full Change Log:

* PRO: 70 pixel grid mode for image export. Compatible with Roll20 virtual tabletop (
* PRO: Export map data as XML. Intended for use in game development, etc.
* ADDED: New option "Add Adjacent Elevators and Two Way Ladders" (options > interface > 'brushing' section). Automatically draw two way ladders and elevators on the floor above and below.
* ADDED: Switch for padding to the next major grid line or cropping to the drawn area when exporting images.
* ADDED: Export image with a transparent background instead of the theme colour.
* ADDED: Grid intensity slider for image export.
* CHANGED: Editing an existing label is now started by clicking on any tile that it overlaps, not just it's origin.
* CHANGED: Default image export filename now includes the region name.
* CHANGED: Grid intensity slider is disabled if all of the elements are turned off.
* CHANGED: Removed useless map origin override from image export options.
* FIXED: Labels could be cropped during export.
* FIXED: Labels were always center aligned in exported images.
* FIXED: Grid options 'start from one' and 'label major tiles only' could potentially be used incorrectly during image export.
* FIXED: Possible error when repositioning the only label on a floor.
* FIXED: Issues with label and note undo not working correctly.